Problems with Collada and jME about skeletal animations

Hi, I'm new in 3d graphics and game engine.

Sorry for my bad English and if I use some words improperly… I'm an Italian newbie!

I have to do a project for the university about "programmatic skeletal animation".

I have to make some 3d models with a 3d modeler, apply an Armature, import them in jME (and papervision3d) and then animate without use imported animation.

I used Blender and Maya, then I've exported the models in COLLADA format and I have imported them in jME.

My questions/problems are:

  1. My exported model with blender don't have the skin: the call to the ColladaImporter.getSkin() method return NullPointerException, the COLLADA (.dae) file does not include the part relating to <library_controllers>.

    In jME I can see the mesh that I create, its skeleton (using BoneDebugger) but if I try to animate the model only the skeleton moves not the mesh. If I apply the animations at the root node all the model (mesk + skel) rotate and traslate, not if I apply the animation at a child of the root

    I used Blender 2.48a with Collada exporter 0.3.160 on a MacBook.

  2. My exported model with Maya don't have the skeleton: the call to the ColladaImporter.getSkeleton() method return NullPointerException.

  3. I can animate without any problem only the example model contained in TestColladaImporter… Someone can describe to me how is create? (wich modeler, wich type of exporter, how is create ecc…)

  4. Is there an Implementation of Inverse kinematics to apply at my imported model?

    Thanks a lot!

If I were you, I would use the MD5Importer or the OgreLoader.  They are more supported by JME and both formats can be exported by Blender/Maya.  Check out these links for more info: