Problems with Terrain and Lightning


i am building a snow racetrack based on terrainQuads.

As you can see in the pictures, i experienced a problem with the light.

There is this border after the light gets darker.

Note the light border is not the border of two terrain quads.

Material: TerrainLightning

Light sources: AmbientLight & DirectionalLight

thanks in advance


Are you using normal mapping?

1 try without normal maps

2 try to generate tangents for the terrain. tangentBinormalGenerator.

thanks for the response but it doenst help:

  1. problem remains even without normalmap.
  2. If i use the tangentBinormalGenerator on the terrainQuad it looks really crappy.

can you give a screenshot with the tangentBinormalGenerator?


Its always first part around the world origin, who looks different.

did you use like that?



can it be beause of that changes?

also, have a try to switch post-effects off.

No the changes have not caused it. I experienced this behavior earlier.

I found an easy workarpound: translate the terrainQuad away from the origin.

But that’s not really satisfying.

well, i think only core devs can help here.

Sorry, i’m not so advanced yet.

thanks anyway. i will investigate further.

hmpf, interesting. I haven’t seen this before.

The tangents are generated automatically, so no need to re-generate them.

If you have a sample file I can load I can look into it. Like I said, I haven’t seen this before.

Also check that the ‘shininess’ of the material is set very low, there were some changes to it to default it to 1 (ie. quite shiny).

um, are you using a single root terrain quad, or multiple ones laid out next to each other?

i am using multiple quads in a row.

The first quad start at the origin and then they grow in x+ direction.

i think i try to extract the problem in a small example.

for better understanding:

ok that is the problem. You will need to use TerrainGrid so the edges seam together. With the quads separate, they don’t know what height values their neighbours are, and then what the normals should be.

TerrainGrid doesn’t have to be one large square, you can lay out the tiles in a row such as how you are doing it now.

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ok. i will try that.