Procedural Textures are creating seam

Procedural Textures are resulting seam.

How to get resolve this issue?

Screen Shot:

Just use imgur for image upload (press “Insert…” and then “upload image” and copy&paste the html link after uploading, no registration required).

I saw this seam as well but it only appeared after I updated the base libraries… Guess it will vanish some time? Maybe @neospark314 can tell us more?

@iamcreasy - how did you get it to tile the textures?

I believe this was the code,

[java]Spatial groundPlaneGeo = assetManager.loadModel(“Scenes/maya/plane.j3o”);


NeoTextureMaterialKey key = new NeoTextureMaterialKey(“Materials/neoGroundFloor.tgr”);

Material mat = assetManager.loadAsset(key);