Procedurally generated clouds?

I noticed in the examples where a SkyBox was utilized with predefined textures.  Does jME have a higher level abstraction … support for procedurally generated cloud textures? … on the dome shape?


it's a simple way to do that.

create a hemisphere a little bit smaller and apply an dynamic animated texture (a nice noise or plasma).

search for more information here… (painting on textures).

Thanks, but my question wasn't how to animate a texture across a dome shape.

Rather, I'm looking for a higher level abstraction … being able to specify attributes of a parametric cloud generator.

Maybe this is a feature to add … just checking status of jME.



You're right, it's not something we currently have.  Sounds like a possible extension someone could write though.

By the way, is there a page listing all wanted features (for jME), who's working on which, etc. ?

The wiki would be a good place for that (better than the forum) and it would encourage contribution (IMHO). Features would have to be validated of course…

what about using the jme issue tracker?

I was thinking fog and even shader effects for ground fog could be integrated.

I've started work on a noise library for generating procedural textures.  It's far from complete and I haven't worked on it in a  while but I'll get back to it at some point (hopefully soon).  Search the forum for a thread I started about it (which also includes some pretty poor examples).

You may have all your algorithmic issues resolved; maybe your solution is more general even.

If you’re going to make your own cloud generator, this page might prove useful.

You might also want to look at pre-generated cloud textures with tools such as TerraGen.

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I've recently started working on something along similar lines: Procedurally generated objects.

In my case they will be Asteroids. Having a hard time figuring out the best way to do this though. Currently looking into TriMesh, but I'm finding it hard to figure out how to generate a TriMesh from provided parameters that will actually work.

what kind of parameters do you use?

I was thinking of using X, Y, Z parameters to generate a bounding box (much like the general box creation) and then a parameter to determine how much the mesh points would be able to deviate from the box inwards.

So if you have a box of 555 and a deviation 0f 2 the roid would be a box of 555 max and a box of 333 min, but each mesh coordinate could be somewhere in between those two boxes.

The only difficulty I'm having is to determine how many Mesh coordinates to create, and how to convert the list of coordinates into an index list which will give me the actual triangles.