Project devlogs - schedule and calendar

Every two weeks, starting May 19th, Summer of Code students are expected to create a new “devlog” thread. These threads are summaries of the work done for the past two weeks, along with a brief outline of the planned work for the two weeks that follow.

Every student has been designated a specific day on which they will be posting their thread. Always try to notify the GSoC admins & mentors ahead of time if you will not make this deadline.


View and subscribe to the schedule in one of the following formats:

Devlog template

Every devlog should be roughly between 200-400 words.
Example (long) devlog entry: WordPress JSON API

So once again, you are not required to make these posts until after 19th of may, but you are free to do them before that time as well. For instance, I know @FuzzyMonkey is cooking up a new voxel demo already, which would make a great example devlog :wink: