[Project] GreenCubes MMORPG

Hi there! I’m the main developer of the GreenCubes game. It is currently in-development sandbox MMORPG created with jMonkeyEngine 3 and above is an actual screenshot from the game.

We just started a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo.com, where you can support us or read more about future game. However in this topic I want to share and may be contribute some things that we are doing with jME in our game.


As you can know, we implemented and contributed pure java FBX-importer that we are using to import our models from artists in the game.

We also implemented some sort of IK-animation that allows us partially animate models by user actions, like rotating head without a body, bending spine while crouching and running and stuff like that.


We implemented beautiful technology of Distance-based Front Rendering that produces perfect text of any sized in GUI and in game world with single glyph. In fact, glyph is dynamically generating from system or embedded fonts. This font rendering is fully integrated in Nifty GUI and if some one wants to, we can contribute this functionality to jME, but it is a bit tricky though :smile:

On the screenshot are examples of differend font sizes and text rendering in game world. All fonts are rendered from one texture of 32x32px per glyph.

We also reworked some parts of Nifty GUI like layout algorithms to make them more straight-forward and allowing us to created completely hardcore and complex interfaces like on screenshot above. Sadly, most of our changes are lost in the code and tighten with other parts of project, so it is not likely be shared some time. But who knows, if we had enough time…

Other Cool Stuff

We added a dynamic occlusion culling for terrain chunks. After lots of investigations we decided that it sadly can not be implemented in engine in general, it requires creating of tons of additional data and processes and sorting, so occluders can not be generated dynamically…

We created pretty awesome texture atlas that we use for our terrain that supports of using different wrapping and smoothing algorithms and can be dynamically expanded in run-time (even if new texture do not fits in empty space!)

We are also working on implementing S2 texture compression (DXTn analogue) to increase user experience of players with low amounts of video memory. There are some researches being made on implementing deferred lighting and shading too.

Try and Support

You can download our game client from free here, but unfortunately you can not normally play in it if you do not know Russian as there are lots of untranslated things, however you can check out graphics and stuff. (Yes, we are working on translation and adaptation fro world-wide gaming).

Please, ask your questions about anything you found interesting! Please, share our Indiegogo campaign in social networks (you can do it on campaign page), or even support us yourself if you are excited about what we are doing here!

You can read about game on the Indiegogo page or in special section of our site. Our game is and will be Free to Play, so check it out, please!


Mmh,maybe you should change character’s model :\ This looks so much Steve from Minecraft and this could lead not only on legal issues(remember that now microsoft owns the mark) but this is just a lack of originality in the game scene.

This is planned, of course. But it require a lot of work as we have dozens of armor that need to be remodeled.

And i don’t thikn that characher of 6 boxes can be copyrighted :slight_smile:

Well i hope for you it doesn’t :slight_smile: Anyway i read the description and it’s fantastic,my hype for the game to be released officially is so big.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

The game looks very nice Congratulations… Of course your main focus is on that, but contributing that Nifty font thing sounds pretty nice :slight_smile:

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interesting game. would be cool if it was a little more original but Im still watching :smile:

After visiting your indiegogo project I see that there is a deal of originality but at first glance it does look really minecrafty witch might turn some people off to you but after reading about your game i am more exicited about it :smiley:

Thanks :smile:

We are still not far from our legacy — Minecraft (cause we were MInecraft server originally). Our main priority for last year was to rewrite the client to avoid legal problems. We will expand gameplay in future, and it will be much-much bigger and cooler :slight_smile:

This is really an amazing project you have here. I assume you won’t mind if I add it to our showcase?

It’s too bad that the crowdfunding campaign hasn’t picked up the momentum you’ll need to hit your funding goal. At least with flexible funding you’ll still get a little payout :smile:

Judging by your highly active forum it seems you’ve successfully built a strong community around your game already. It’s very impressive. Given your established fanbase, perhaps a more suitable model for you would be something akin to Patreon? Basically you’d let your most committed fans commit to a small monthly donation, and in return they can get some perks, like forum-flair and a special in-game skin for instance.

Thanks, it would be awesome!

We do not need any other special place for donations as we have «in-game» shop for real money :slight_smile: We need a big extra-boost right now, so we started campaign…

Do you need an additional programmer?

I am a coder from Poland, studying currently Games Technology in UK. I have experience with C++/C#/Java and most importantly with jme3. My recent java game got greenlit on steam (libgdx) - http://store.steampowered.com/app/358610/

I really like the project and would love to be a part of it. (I have actually started making custom voxel engine for fun)

As a side from coding I could try to help with advertisment and I know few publishers that might be interested in the game.
I will be very flexible price-wise.

I know a bit of Russian, as long as I won’t be able to translate everything I can help with adding english text to the game.

Now with holidays coming I will have plenty of time to no-life the project and then I can manage my studies and work together.

Thanks for offer, but currently we can not afford expanding the team in all means (no additional money, and no additional time to induct a new team member). As well as we have some programmers we have been forking with before and who will join the team as soon as we can afford it…

Thanks for the reply, but please consider me in the future, you can message me here or on neomex@onet.eu.

Ok! :wink:

If you’re just looking for any fun Minecraft-esque project to play around with, I know @DRAGONMASTER412 was looking for other interested developers to join in on his project: