Project jme-contrib submitted to

I made a request for a project that will contain jme-contributed code. As a startup i will upload cal3d and md5 loaders after reworking the code.

Any code or any help is appreciated. Please vote in if you think that a project like this

is needed. The main purpose of the project is to have some freedom for jme extended functionality that does not require any significant changes

to the base jme code e.g. model loaders, scene managers. Feedback and support is welcomed.

Just wanna say I think it's a good idea.

What will go in jmex and what will go in jme-contributed?

jmex will contain basic functionality and will be reviewed by jme developer base. jme-contrib will contain extra utilities and addons

for example cal3d loader or any code posted in the will be a user contributed library

Voted and commented :slight_smile: