Project Palantir. Using jME @ Facebook

Hacked this together at the last hackathon at Facebook.  Using jME.

I'd love to be able to use the framework to show edits going in semi-real time for Can you release the globe code? :slight_smile:

Thats awesome! You did a really nice job on that. I like the corona of the sun.

Wow, that's amazing!

Congrats, very good job. I like the sun too :slight_smile:

Really nice… was all that data really real-time?

Mindgamer said:

Really nice.. was all that data really real-time?

Yes, it really is :)
cep21_real said:

Mindgamer said:

Really nice.. was all that data really real-time?

Yes, it really is :)

Incredible.. like something from science fiction :) Reminds me of some movie... og yes.. Xmen.. I dont remember which part... where they are inside that machine.. and ecery dot represents a mutant. etc... very cool program :)

thats cool,

its very interesting to visualize the communication paths around the world :slight_smile:

i would like to see a time-lapse view of a whole day, to see how the hour of the day influences the activity in different continents.

For me the connections between different regions were interesting… seeing who interacts with who… Which regions get connecting lines and which get less… some REAL idea of the relationships between young(ish) people around the world…


At the bottom click "About".  It's on the feed, in the middle.  The same video, but less quality.

If you have ideas that you think would be cool, you can let me know.  I've got lots of ideas myself, but can't tell people yet   8) 8)

Very cool.

Your geo-data visualization framework could be used for many more things than facebook data.

Dude, that was awesome!

I agree! it is awesome… so do they keep the data, or just stream it to you and lose it?