Project Portals - make your requests!

The testing of the new Joomla! front-end is coming along real nicely. Lately all my efforts have been going into mastering a special Content Creation Kit that we will be using with our Joomla! deployment. It will allow us to create a lot of custom website content with little effort; provided we have the necessary insight of the CCK’s inner workings.

Although the site is constantly undergoing experimental changes (some of which break or distort front-end functionality), you’re all welcome to partake in some testing.

Log in with the account below, and you will be able to add and govern over your projects.

Login: authormonkey

Pass: authormonkey

This is entirely experimental. Nothing will be permanent. Not contents, not structure, not uploads: none of it.

Your help is needed

I want to know what you, the jMonkey user, developer and project owner, wants to see on a JME Project Page. The key idea here is to let users create a page that effectively catches new visitors’ attention (album eyecandy), describes the project (textual contents) and further directs to main websites, code repos, forum discussions and so on.

Get some inspiration from some of your favorite project hosting sites, e.g. ModDB or GameJolt, and come back in here with ideas for what type of functionality you’d like to see for a JME portal of your project.


He's forgetful ^^

I'm up until 7am for the sake of JME is what I am :stuck_out_tongue: Admittedly (and thankfully) a rare occurrence, but that gallery limitation was just killing me…