[Project] RTS game engine : OpenRTS is released

I for one plan to digg into it this summer, when hopefully I’ll have a bit more time :wink:

Wait a minute… an Eclipse project???
I bet that step 1 on the new story will be making a netbeans project :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, you may want to get in touch with @erlend_sh for making a front page blog post about your project…

Absolutely :smile: A basic “how it started, what led it to where it’s now and where is it headed” would make for an interesting read. Up for other ideas as well of course.

Also, I’d never heard about Brainfuck before.

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This is a really interesting project but like for so many others, I don’t have enough time :-/ I hope to look into this during the summer. Keep up the good work!

Do you think there is a way to configure both eclipse and netbeans to work on the same lib/src/assets base?

I hadn’t too ! maybe the 3dsmax ogre extractor is the cuplrit, writting huge files for models and animation, but it seems to be usual XML format. I don’t know where Github find that language and I don’t know how to fix it.

Why don’t you subscribe to 36-hours days? :smile: Please “Watch” and “Star” the repository anyway if you like it, that may increase its popularity.

I would not include any IDE files in the repository and instead let people import the project in their favourite IDE of choice when they clone it.

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Well, I guess that the first that makes a jmonkey project could make a pull request for adding the necessary project files.
Maybe it could be a branch of the project that only adds the IDE-specific stuff… however this will quickly be sorted out when people start working on it (there’s already a fork btw).

that’s my fork. And now I have add gradle support for OpenRTS. Now it’s IDE independent.
IDE files are removed and ignored.
If needed, than install gradle support to your favorite IDE and import the project.
@methusalah: please merge it from https://github.com/wuendsch/OpenRTS (I get the error “Sorry, we could not display the entire diff because it was too big.” from github if I try to create an pullrequest.)


+1 for gradleization! :smile:

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I don’t know Gradle and i’m texting your configuration. Could you please give more details about the set up? Idealy, you could update the readme file at the section “How to set up?”.

I think it is important to keep a set up as simple and effortless as possible.

Thanks !

Hey, this got a nice write up on Free Gamer :smile:


You said:

I’ve seen your topic on the subject. We could continue conversation on it if you like.

Indeed,you can. It would be helpful if you do.

I was thinking of like developing a sort of TerrainGrid class with the exception that ImageTileLoader class would load alpha-map image of each tile instead of height-map image. Finally we would apply a height-map for the whole TerrainGrid.

Is the method you use, more efficient than that oldschool 2d games like AOE2,Warcraft followed?

I have modified the Readme “how to set up?” now. It’s really easy to run it.

Thanks, the compiling batch is running well on Windows.

But for the IDE part it’s more confuse. I can’t simply import existing project from the cloned repository, which is sad !

If I understand well, I need to

  • install gradle plugin
  • import a gradle project
  • find the repo directory on disk
  • build model (and wait…)
  • select OpenRTS core (root and desktop won’t work)
  • wait for the project to build
  • find the class containing the main() method and finally run

It seems a little tricky to me, only to have Netbeans and Eclipse support. I’m afraid it will be discouraging for some. Don’t you think?

Can we have some other opinions on that part ?

Thanks a lot !

Build the project and import the generated jar file… Thats pretty standard procedure for any java developer imo. “Importing projects” is a bad habit of Eclipse developers, really.


Why do you import the other eclipse project? If there is a need for a dependency for OpenRTS, than we should import it in den build.gradle file (like @normen said).
What other IDE do you want support? I am sure, IntelliJ already support gradle. You can build it on CLI, so you are independent of all IDE if wanted.


Then it’s decided.

Thanks !

So, does anyone have some tips for a beginner/3D Artist how to set this up in the jMonkeySDK for easy asset contribution?

I’ve updated the wiki :

Is that usefull? Please make feedback and/or suggestions

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Hmm I tried that, but on restart it complains about a missing: “org.netbeans.libs.junit4” and the only option is to disable gradle support again.

If you’re using the sdk you can get it from the plugins manager :
o Tools → Plugins → Available Plugins → jUnit.

Ps : NetBeans version work fine on my desktop. (last time i’ve checked :stuck_out_tongue: )