Project: Sound Engine


I’m a student aiming for GSoC this year, and more importantly wanting to know how codes work in real world projects. I am interested in doing the sound engine part in Worth Noting this year. If time permits, I can do the Android Interface and Multitouch support also.

Since no Ideas are listed, I have this idea of adding functionality for sound recognition using google voice recognition to game engine. I can do that.

I am not familiar with the codebase.Can anyone tell me where and what to look for? Where can I get the mentor’s list respective to each part of game engine?

You can find general information including a link to the ideas page here:

Read the application guide to get an idea of where you should start to get a better understanding of the project and strengthen your application.

Google Voice recognition sounds like a fun idea, but to be honest it would be tough to get it accepted because:

  • It’s specific to one platform only. (cross-platform compatibility is very important to us)
  • It’s a niche feature that only a small minority of games will use.

Thanks for getting in touch though! Interacting with the community is the most important thing :slight_smile:


That’s sad to hear but okay, I just want to work for you guys :slight_smile:

I like to work on Steer AI port, I am pretty well versed in C++.
I can work with AI Algorithms also, but need a week or so before I start working(Agent Systems AI) . @sevarac

@savarac , @Momoko_Fan

I want to know if the idea has already been assigned, else I’ll start working

@Addiction said: I want to know if the idea has already been assigned, else I'll start working
I appreciate the initiative, but we won't be assigning anything until 18th of April ;) You're welcome to start working any time you'd like, but at this stage it's probably best to spend your time getting better affiliated with jME3. Building a super simple game with it would be a great start!

In the meantime, pitch in to the active discussion about OpenSteer. As you can see, there are already some interested applicants, but don’t let that scare you off. There’s always a healthy portion of both collaboration and competition in open source.

18th April, oh that’s far. I’ll try to get familiar with it now. :slight_smile: