Project: Tinker an Data Modelling Framework with JME3?

So, my XML editor already looks usable, the main menu has yet to be done. But I always found out that I can implement the required UI in jme3.

I made the XML grammar abstract. Now I just have to store the modeling grammar, and we already have an editor for a data modeling framework.

Throwing a code generator behind me and I have recreated the most important of the Eclipse Modeling Framework EMF.

Just a little more work …

Short explanation:

Transient: Here are objects that only appear in an auxiliary manner and do not have to be saved.

Entity: Here are objects that have to be persisted, e.g. when saving the game status.

Prototype: Here comes the structure of the game. Every game has exactly one instance of Prototype. But if I want to build a game kit, then I need flexibility. A kit grammar is generated from the prototype of the kit, and this kit grammar can in turn be given to the same editor so that the game designer can build his games within the kit.

Enums: Enumeration definition.

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