Project Zero FAIRYTALE

Yeah, I loath Vista (so much so that I bought a Mac, which I am also starting to loath; linux sounds better every day :)).

Try this program out (free version is fine), it is good Juju for fighting malware.  It even takes care of root-kits (no problemo) :D.

Back on topic: I think this looks very nice… I agree most of the time knowing exactly what visuals to use can improve the looks a lot. It is a big problem that normally one cannot have all the skills required to create a fantastic game in one single brain… I have no great artistic talents, so I decided to be more of a programmer  :roll:

Looking forward to the contribution.

Good news

I see the end of the tunnel for a first demo! :smiley:

Today I finished a test map for Fairytale. Now I will have to import it inside jME.

My importer will need some extra code^^


I rendered the pictures inside Maya without any effects or lights. In jME the level will look better^^

In this small level I will do many “evil” experiments with jME and jME Physics ^^

Three character models are complete.

21 character models are needed…this will take some time :stuck_out_tongue:

Now with jME

Ups…that didn’t work well, right? XP

SCREEN (Maya):

Screen (jME)


PLEASE, next time metioned it (That you can’t see the pictures) :smiley: That’s not funny :smiley:

How are you creating these levels?

With Maya (the hard way^^).

jME can recognise group names and locate positions. That's the trick. I load one finished map inside jME, jME anatomise it into coordinates and save them into a text file. Afterwards, jME build up the level again with the text file, with the difference, that every model is now "controllable". The importer isn't that powerful, therefore I have to advance it. In far Future I can think to finish the "Sandbox".

Please be sure to add a "pyrokenesis" weapon which will allow me to blow things up and set things on fire at will. Looks great, by the way!

You mean something like a gravity gun :wink:

Let yourself surprise. One thing for sure. You can be really hot in this game :smiley:

It's not the bloom, it's the normal mapping, which makes things so bright.

ah ok, i already wondered about what looked like bump mapping with specular and too much bloom ;) well keep up the good work and have fun with animations, we're spending a lot of time on those but mainly because we got that many XD

More screenshots :-o

looks good so far, way too much bloom and depth of field  but thats just tweaking - good job :slight_smile: makes me wanne post screens of my project as well but it's still too early. i don't point out the odd texture on the character since i assume you just didnt texture it properly yet :wink:

You have good eyes^^

Yes, the model has a texture of another model, that's why it's not perfect :stuck_out_tongue:

Depth of Field is too much, but I kinda fixed it, as you can see in the last picture.

Only one mistake :stuck_out_tongue: It's not the bloom, it's the normal mapping, which makes things so bright.

Things that I will fix afterwards^^

Next step will be to import a working MD5 with animations. This will be the test area :wink: