[Proposal] Making JME more artist friendly

Here is the simple solution if you like unity use it. If you want jme3 to have a feature like unity code it yourself or better yet since you are not alone form a small team and add the feature as a plug-in you will learn a lot and probably get a ton of help cranking it out.

As you say theres many lists with game engines and jME is on a lot of them. And actually we have such a person with Erlend, who basically (of course also as his time permits) solely does the things you mention. Heck, we were even on the official OpenGL blog. :slight_smile:

So maybe it is not enough. A year ago, when I was searching the internet there was a lot of information about other engines, much more than about JME. Even now, after visiting some forums about indie, I have a feeling that not so many developers and game designers knows JME.

To be clear, I’m not criticizing anyone. I say what I noticed as someone who was looking for game engine.
And my opinion is: Now, at its current stage, for every developer and code’s contributor JME should have at least two persons for media, PR and spin doctor’s job.

Let’s start a topic, lets say it loud: JME needs to be more visible. I’m sure that there are people, who would be happy to help with that, but maybe they just don’t know that there is a need.

Well hand us a list of sites you think we should try and get listed on :slight_smile: (man this standard smiley is stupid)

I’ll do such list probably on Monday. There are many webpages I’m visiting only at work, I don’t have all links here and now.


From JME’s license:

Neither the name of ‘jMonkeyEngine’ nor the names of its contributors
may be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software
without specific prior written permission.

I’m presenting my screens and videos on various forums. I would be happy to put there an information about the engine I’m using. But I need an permission. And maybe a small JME’s banner.


Would be awesome to have a little official JME banner that people could put with the development news and such and it could be hyperlinked when you click it to the JME home page. But unfortunately Im no good at art at all haha

I think we even have a little meme on what this sentence means somewhere… In short:
“This game was made using the jMonkeyEngine” - good
“The jMonkeyEngine Team says this game rocks” - bad


Thanks for the clarification on what “Endorse or promote” means. I suspected this was closer to the intent, but could see the license text being read either way. I’m nowhere near needing to even worry about this, but will keep it in mind.

I know this is above my level of ability but would it be possible to write a blender plugin that exports directly to the j3o format instead of xml that way you can export the files in the format the engine uses

You don’t need permission to say “My game was made with jMonkeyEngine.”

You DO need permission to say “jMonkeyEngine thinks my game is the best!”

Edit: noticed Normen’s post after I already replied.

Note: endorse and promote are very specific things. If any of you read it a different way then you are confused as to the meanings of those words.

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Ok, so is there any graphics, banner or button like “Powered by JME” ?

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I’m planning to use this one:


It could be some logo or splash screen , purely optionnal, no one is forced to use it, but having some JME3 splashcreen or small JME3 logo among other technology logos in some page at the game start, i htink this would be the best way to promote and says the game was made with JME3.

About popularity, when you ask other 3D engines users if they know JME3, they never heard of it.
Popularity is hard to achieve , only successfull games having lot of attraction will attract game developpers that are also players , and when they’ll know it’s JME3 , they will begin to search information.

Unreal 4 is seraching for good indie games ,and they promote them with “Grants” system where they pay moey for potentitial successfull games.
Why ?
Simply because they know that games on Steam , played by million players and indies developpers, made with Unreal displaying Unreal logo is the best way to grow popularity and attract new users.

This is the key for 3D engines popularity : successfull and popular games.

Even non free small 3D engines, don’t attract lot of people because there is no games using them, or no popular games, that million of people would enjoy.
So these other engine with some goo editor and toolset, just don’t get very known.

If Minecraft when it appeared was made with JME3 displaying a JME3 logo at start, i think JME3 would be very popular and used today.
JME3 just needs a big hit indie game something as big as “Journey” for example, why not something like “Last Guardian”, a big game with lot of attraction, then the engine will get lt of attention.
Until it happens, JME3 will remain in the shadows :smirk:

The plural of “anecdote” isn’t “data”, no matter how often you repeat yourself. And quite honestly its flattering you keep comparing us to the premier game engines on the planet with by now billions of dollars behind them.

I also think you are wrong when you say people didnt ever hear about Jmonkey.
What other engine built on java platform you can use to build games today ?
What engine make you free to choose what system or libs to built your game ?
I am very new to Jmonkey, only 2 months, so I can speak for myself, I had look several engines before I choose Jm3, most of they are based on microsoft tec that I hate, others have an “build game” interface like Unit or Unreal, that I also hate because you dont have freedom to do what you want. I was looking primarily on java engine because you can easily port it to anywhere.
Jm3 was one of the first engines I saw in the internet, but I must say that I didnt choose Jm3 first because at the time there was some bad publicity against Jmonkey, it seens its not there anymore.
Peaple was talking that Jmonkey had died and the Ardor was an continuation for it. Do anyone knows something about this ?
I just figure out it was not entire true when I saw big games done in Jm3, games like Starmade, Mythurna and others.

Yes, I know that Ardor 3D is dead :smiley: (according to their github history)

The only real alternative to jMonkey could be libGDX,
but back when I looked their 3D support was still “early WIP”.

I heard they advanced quite a bit but didn’t take a look.
There’s no reason for us to look at other engines atm.


Engine popularity is bullshit. I really don’t understand this discussion. Everybody already said and said and said again, but I’ll try to endorse it in another way:


Better? This kind of discussion is like comparing Linux with Windows…If you want to compare jME3 with Unity3D or Unreal Engine hire tons developers, designers, testers and such and make they work on jME3. After 1 year you can do such comparisons…


Working on it : JME splash screen

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Are we going to get the monkey smileys back?

They are there if you type :chimpanzee - ask the web guys about making them default. I don’t do the web frontend anymore.