Proposing using thread context classloader with jmex.ui classes

hi jme. some classes in com.jmex.ui (UIBillboard, UIButton, UICheck, and UIFonts) permit using the classloader to load texture resources. however the resources must be present in the system classloader for these methods to work. the standard practice for getting at classes and resources -not- in the system classloader is by allowing the thread's context classloader to override the system classloader, if set.

i made changes to these classes to use the context classloader and fall back to the system classloader if null. i'm not sure how to submit the code changes… they are listed below, based on the versions in cvs.

UIBillboard, starting at line 87:


com.jmex.ui is old! Check out NUI and BUI in the GUI topic.

thanks. i was planning to transition to one of those at some point anyway. no time like the present.

Hey but thanks though for the code submissions, we always love getting those.  :)  (Especially when they're good.)