Protect asset & code

hello,im new in jmonkey & i very like it.
i’ve question: how i protect my assets models sound texture e.t.c in jar file from stealing, because winrar can open the jar file and anyone can view things inside jar file
sorry for bad english .

There isn’t really much you can do, but there isn’t much reason to either. If someone uses your assets (I’m not a lawyer) without your permission it’s illegal anyway.

The best way: put a licence in it ;).

EDIT: Well, if you want more information you can try to search on the forum for “protect assets”.


yes, i want to encrypt my files like sound taxture… like in commercial games.

Well, I suggest you to investigate about it, there are many ways to do it. However, it is impossible to protect your assets at a 100%. Have in mind that if a user can see/ear/sense it he can also copy/save it on many ways.

About the code you are in the same situation but obfuscating it can help. Take a look to ProGuard.

Theres tools for almost all commercial games to extract their assets. With a decompiler you can decompile any code. As was said, there is no way to “protect” your data 100%, the fact that using it is illegal should be enough protection.

Or to put it another way, you don’t run around in a bullet proof vest all day long, its enough that its illegal to shoot you.

Speak for yourself I’m keeping my vest and tin hat on

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…and people will aim for the head. :slight_smile:

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No I edited I wear a tin hat as well

Yes I can recall even Bethesda games have 3rd party tools to rip their models out. So I doubt the time you could take to truely secure these assets is likely outside an indie game developer’s cost/benefit ratio.

It might be a license requirement however.

Eg some licenses I use state, that the assets must be protected in a way that makes sure simple copy pasting does not work, and they cannot easily be converted back to the original files.

→ Half is pretty much done by useing j3o files, it is really a hard task to get out of them some kind of 3ds or similar back.
And for textures using a xor based loader or a similar simple approach does satisfy the criteria that work is required (in this case it must be decompiled to extract the key)

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Yeah my turbosquid stuff requires this. I will be doing as nehon suggested here

You mean “tinfoil hat”? I thought that was intended to prevent aliens to manipulate your mind, rather than preventing lead bullets to go inside your skull… which are 2 completely unrelated problems to solve.

Depends on the thickness of the tin :slight_smile:

You can protect textures by packing them inside .j3o using blender.

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hello ali ,where i find your tutorials about jmonkey ,game making , animtion ,3d etc

Hi @imran

There is this little tutorial i created for jme community.

That’s not much. :relaxed:

and in my youtube channel there are some demos of what i did

I do contribute to jme mostly by answering other peoples troubleshooting questions on forum. :slight_smile:

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