Pspeed es system wiki

Paul Speed,
These links are broken. X2 X3
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I fixed the broken forum links.
Edit: Added notations.

I guess the first one is

artemis ans Zay ES

last one is probably this

the pdf link is tricky though

Thank you.

This doesn’t make sense. There must be a different page because this would just links to the same paragraph the tip is under.[quote=“mitm, post:1, topic:37799”]

Still missing.

This doesn’t make sense. The current link references an offsite link. The link you supplied actually points back to the original section the broken link resides in.

See previous quote. Same thing applies.

Edit: Maybe Paul Speed has an idea what he wants done? Delete links? Supply valid alternative?

doh, was just blind guess :stuck_out_tongue:

To be honest, I didn’t create these pages and rarely looked at them… so have no idea what the broken links used to point to. Maybe someone else remembers.

Hi, Some of them are mine, /interviews/ but I abandoned it. It’s a survey to collect infomation about architecture and code style of various ES system, we had at that time. I will revive it somehow. You can also ask question in the forum. The forum is very responsive you might notice already. Cheers.

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Hi atomixnmc,

Any info you can provide on the missing links, like delete it or maybe provide a new link or page to be stored in the repository for the wiki is what is needed.

Actually I don’t know how to work with the new forum system but I can update it with useful info rather than delete. Maybe I will provide recent approach of entity system. I also have my own ES implementation for my MMO since 2 years ago. I’m back with jME3 for my new project now, so I will try to contribute my time in the community too.