Pulsing buttons, text fields, etc; how to disable?

Hi all,

Is there a way to disable the pulse effect at the ChatBoxExt, Screen or Window level?

I’ve just recently started attempting to learn to use tonegodgui, so I apologize if I’m overlooking something. I’ve attempted to do some searching, actually several hours now. I’ve scanned the forums here, Google searches, the tonegodgui wiki, and I’ve even figured out quite a few things looking through the source code.

As I said, I’m probably overlooking something trivial. I do not readily see a way to disable the pulsing effect globally. I’ve figured out how to disable the pulsing of individual components (fe: button). On something like the ChatBoxExt there are several components that pulse. Some of the components have direct access methods like “x.getChatInput().removeEffect(…)” that can be chained to remove effect. Others do not seem to have this.

[java]ChatBoxExt chat2 = new ChatBoxExt(…);

I’ve tested using the “atlasdef” style, the “def” style, and whatever you get by just defining “new Screen(this)” (probably “def”) and I keep coming up with the same results.

With the current testing and information I have, it seems I have two options:

  • disable the pulse effect at the element level, per element
  • define an entirely new style without the pulsing

I know it’s a matter of preference. I just do not like all the pulsing. Call me old school, but to me it’s akin to abusing the old HTML “blink” tags.

Example of the effect can be seen in this video.
[video]File browsing with preview window - YouTube

Thank you for any information or assistance you can offer.

  • Make a local copy of the style_map.gui.xml file and TextField.gui.xml
  • Point style_map.gui.xml at the local TextField.gui.xml file
  • Remove the effects listed under the effects tag
  • When initializing the screen, use the local copy of style_map.gui.xml

This will propagate to all text fields.

You can do the same for any other control you like, swap out graphics, fonts, colors, etc, etc.

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Excellent. Thank you. And thank you for the great UI!