Q: bumpmapDemo does not work

Hi there,

i was testing some of the demos on the jmonkeyengine-site.

They worked well, but I could not start the first one in the shaders-section (the bumpmapping demo).

After webstart did its job I can configure the SimpleGame and after that it just quits.

Any ideas?



java 5

GeForce 4 Ti 128 MB

Intel 2,4 Ghz

Thats because your graphics card does not support fragment programs throught the ARB_fragment_program extention. It may support it through its own NV_fragment_shader extention, but i dont think all the different pipeline routes are explored in jme yet.


GF4 TI cards do not support Open GL fragment shaders, as DP stated (they do, however, support DirectX pixel shaders…). I had one myself, so I know. I am now using a 6600GT, which works well with the same drivers.