QR code generator powered by jME

Hi monkeys,

today I proudly present my first jME powered app in the app stores:


Surprisingly it’s not a game, it’s yet another QR code generator.

A long time ago I found some unique QR code generators which are able to embed an image.
One day I decided to put it into an app. I thought it would be a nice exercise, but it was a hard road.

It was too time intensive to give it away for free, but for all (*) forum users I can make an offer:
Drop me a line (**) and I’ll send you a promotional download code for iOS.
It would be nice if you tell me how it performs and which device / OS version you are using.

I really like the platform independent approach of jME to develop apps. So, thank you very much!

(*) depending on how big ‘all’ is :wink:
(**) timealias at gmail dot com

PS: Sorry, doesn’t look like that Play Store offers something like promo codes…
So I can only send codes to iOS users…


This… Is really cool stuff!

Nice , very cool :slight_smile:

@Empire Phoenix

Forgot to attach this promotional QR code… Prepared it, but forgot it at showtime… :wink:

monkey logo QR

For those who don’t have a QR code reader at hand… it links to http://jmonkeyengine.org

Thanks to the jMonkeyEngine Team! Without you there would be no app…


Today Apple accepted my iOS update: It’s now 64 bit and 3x faster. :smile:
Not because of the magic 64, it also performs much better on armv7.

Thanks, monkeys! :blush:


Today I released my app as desktop version. And it’s now free on all platforms. :grinning:


Thanks for this great engine… and the help from this forum… and… and… and… :chimpanzee_closedlaugh:

Yeah and sorry that it took so long for the desktop version, although it was the primary development platform. :chimpanzee_wink:


I like it.

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Nice, thank you :slight_smile:

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My app is back for good! And for free!

Above links work again. The previously unreleased desktop version can be found here:

Some years ago I had to remove it, because I could not support iPhone 7 and later, but with the new jME renderer I was able to fix it. (Issued PR for all my fixes. Thanks MeFisto!)

Thanks for this great engine!


Sorry, I didn’t want to bump this thread. I just wanted to silently update my website URL.
The app is still available, but only as sideload. Even iOS.