Question about building a small town (RPG like)

Okay, lets say I built a small town from scratch in 3DS Max. The town has many things like doors that open etc.

I cannot make those doors do just that on 3DS Max right?

I basically have to build a 'bar bones' of the town then start adding the 'interiors' right? For example. If I have a manhole that I want the player to be able to crawl down I shouldn't 'build it' as a bar bones but more as an 'extension' to the 'bar bones' town right?

Also for every item that I want the player to interact with I have to import each one specifically one at a time right? For example… If I built a full fledged city with 'trade stalls' you can buy and sell stuff at etc. I wouldn't be able to get that to work as it'd be one 3DS file. So in order to get the stall to be able to 'trade an NPC' I'll need to build it separately from the 'city' then program in what it does right?

But for objects that I don't want to have interaction. For example; a bush in a game, that has no interactivity at all.

You'll still want to split your scene up as much as reasonable even for non-interactive objects to allow for frustrum culling.

A custom level editor (or maybe MonkeyWorld3D) is probably the best way to make a scene like that.

ok thanks :slight_smile: