Question about hooking into jME with a Swing interface

I’m not making a game per se, but I’d like to use jME to generate the 3D models that I’m interested in. But I’d like to have my own custom Swing interface that provides the parameters for model generation that a user can edit. I prefer to use Swing since I can make the interface as complex as I want, and include some graphical controls as well (in 2D, or 3D using JOGL).

Does that make sense? Is it even possible? Bottom line is this:

I’d like to create a Swing interface that has lots of controls and preliminary views of some 3D models, but I’d like to, say, have a button that says “Generate Complete Model” that invokes a routine that causes the final output to be rendered within jME.

I hope that’s clear. I appreciate any direction on this. I just found this site today, and will start reading through the docs… but didn’t want to waste too much time if this isn’t even possible.


Theres jMEDesktop for jme2 but it doesn’t work on mac and isn’t really working great generally. Theres other approaches like using vnc or just using the print option of every component to get it to the 3d display… It will probably always come down to some way to copy the image data into a texture yourself. However for real GUI operations the only thing that really works is a proper GUI library. Afaik FenGUI is the only GUI library on jME2 that really works to some extent. The recently added niftygui adapter seems to run for most people too.


I just came across this as well:

Perhaps that will suit my purposes, I don’t know. Looking into it…