Question about map of tiles and chunks

Hello! My map is 128128 chunks which consists from 128128 tiles. Every tile may have his own texture, which size for example 128*128 pixels. Player can see area of 4 chunks max. Does any simple way to realise this concept on jme3? I found that i can make chunk as array from custom meshes (as tile) with textureArray, but it very expensive to cpu resources. Another thoughts about it, was write my own terrain class. But when i looked to jme-terrainquad and other terrain classes, my monkeybrains was overloaded (yes, me noob). But i think that must be another way to realise such concept on jme, as extending some of jme-classes. Any suggestions?

It is hard to answer because it depends on your requirements. Like if your terrain is made out of a heightmap there would be a very simple solution available

Do you want to say that there is a way to use heightmap as base for terrain-from-tiles forming? Using pixels from heightmap as tiles numbers?

when you want to realise your concept by extending some classes, you should look at easier things at the beginning.
you picked a huuuge bunch of things for starters and you will probably quit before you do anything reasonable :slight_smile:

there are some “bloxel voxel world” projects which have chunks etc, you can look there
for example
or you can look at this “chunk magic”

for now for you, pick something easier :slight_smile: