Question about MMORPG

ouch, 1000 people max per server ???

? are you not using SockeSelectors

That was a rough figure for a MMO server that is doing a lot of work on the back-end.  Performance-wise JGN is not going to hinder you, I would more be concerned with your machine's performance.  After that I'd be concerned with bandwidth, but JGN sends incredibly efficient packets, so as long as your game is tweaked that may never become a problem.

theprism said:

ouch, 1000 people max per server ???

Bear in mind that what most "real" MMOs present as "one" server is really a decent sized cluster of servers so don't be fooled when you see 12,000 people on one "server", handling 1000 clients per server is not an unreasonable (and probably conservative) estimate from Darkfrog given that, as he said, you will likely be more hindered by CPU/RAM/Disk I/O than by networking assuming you have enough bandwidth available for the number of clients.

I do network-based file distribution programming for a very large retailer (6000 stores, ~60,000 devices we must deliver to) for a living and, IMHO,  JGN is a very solid framework.  I wish half the stuff we had around here was as easy to incorporate and utilize as JGN is.  I doubt it would be the limiting factor in all but the most serious commercial scenarios, and that should be resolved when clustering is added.