Question on implementing simple animation


I'm porting my binary NWN model loader from J3D to JME and I've run into a question when it comes to animation.

Different animations in the NWN model format are represented as sets of controllers to apply to nodes in the model.  This happily translates pretty directly.

The question is this:  Depending on what animation the model is playing you apply different sets of controllers to the model. Is there some blessed and expected in-graph way to switch between these or do I have to actually write external code that goes through the tree replacing them whenever the animation changes?



not sure what the j3d world direction is - but think JME is left handed  by default - hope this helps


Sorry, but that does not appear to in any way shape or form answer the question I asked…

Not  unlike the Microsoft help desk, actually, now that I think of it. 


~~ Microsoft help desk says: reply hazy, ask again later. ~~