Questions on the Terrain Paging being developed and MIA apologies :)

Hi Monkeys! LTNS!

Apologies for my absence and apparent abandoning of the terraintiler and ttEditor I was working on. No excuses from me.
I am getting back into it all now with a rebuilt PC for programming (old MB died as did my macAir both of which I used for programming) and plan to pick up where I left off.

I hear there is a terrain paging system and editor being developed for the jME SDK? (link)
@jayfella: Any ideas set on what this will feature?
ie: a) What type of tiles (Nodes I assume)?
b) What files/containers will it support?
c) Any restrictions on tile/world sizes or shape?
d) Will it support code hooks like terrainGrid for loading assets etc when tiles are loaded/unloaded?
e) Are we looking at 1/3/6/12/+ months? :wink:

Basically my thought is do I continue(return) to develop and expand my own terraintiler and ttEditor or should I wait for the above to switch to…

I’ll most likely still work on my own code for learning purposes and if it offers a much different set of features to the internal one then I’ll still update and release it.



At this moment in time I’m helping with moving plugins to github and the process of submitting them to jme. Once this is done I’ll be continuing the whole terrain setup.