Rabbit’s Fury – first and final Chapter

Finally, the fest is complete.I think I should share some stuff here.


Just made it presentable in the neck of time.More precisely, 2 hour age before the starting of the festival.

I know very very bad finishing and a lots of glitch.But, this was a test how far it is possible to do everything alone.Now, I am gonna wrap this up.

Here i wanna point out two problems, 1. Collision with the crystals no responding instantly, 2. Sometimes CharacterControl tend to go inside of the ground and becomes immovable.


Very cool stuff! Tweeted and favorited on YouTube :slight_smile:

Very Nice!

Congratulations !! you did it!

Nice use of the radial blur filter when the rabbit runs !

I really like the music too, did you do it yourself?

So now…we need your feed back on this!!

Erlend? :smiley:

That’s just awsome !

And has a very nice feeling in it. The music and sound department did a fantastic job too. :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

The sound was created by me and one of my friend. He is a good sound artist, but, he just dont have enough time, so, i took some basic stuff and did some little things onto it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice job @iamcreasy!

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Looks great! I looked at the source on google code and it looks like you have everything in on Main class, 1400 lines of code. The game I made had about 3100 lines of code spread over 17 different classes. I suggest you look into classes if you haven’t done that already. It is easier and more organized to program when you use multiple classes.

I think i know a way to fix the delay for the crystals. Instead of having them in the physics space, just keep them in the rootNode. And in simpleUpdate you check the distance between the player and all the crystals and if it is <1 or something like that you call the collision method and do whatever you want with the crystal :slight_smile: Doing it every frame is more then necessary I think. It won’t stop the player on collision since its not in the physics node (BulletAppState).

I check the distance between the player and the fireballs in my game like that and it works really nice. The character in my game also takes more damage if he is inside the fireball rather than just touching it based on the distance.

Link to my game: http://hub.jmonkeyengine.org/groups/free-announcements/forum/topic/my-first-jmonkeyengine-game-is-now-completed

Yes, checking the distance is a good idea, but, i had different plan.The crystal amount and only crystal-type-item was not fixed and i wanted to make it easier for me in the later time to add or remover more of these pick able items. I was going for a basic implementation, which i might reuse or extend on a later time. So, dont you think for this , checking distance for collision might be a little offset?

You can attach GhostControls to the items, they will move along with them and the you just check the overlapping objects each frame and remove it when the rabbit overlaps.

normen said:
You can attach GhostControls to the items, they will move along with them and the you just check the overlapping objects each frame and remove it when the rabbit overlaps.

How do you check overlapping object in the current jME version? I used it in my game but after i updated jME the method was gone from PhysicsNode. (getOverlappingObjects())

It was never on PhysicsNode, also PhysicsNode is deprecated, try GhostControl.

I had the method on my objects that extended PhysicsNode before it was deprecated… I’ll use GhostControl for future projects.

Yeap, GhostControl it is. Works like a charm. :slight_smile:

Congrats dude it looks really nice