Ragdoll and Character demo problem?

Hi guys!,

I'm new to the Community, I'm hoping to be able to contribute a few things in a not too distant future. I'm WELL impressed with the jMonkey project. I used Java3D for my final year project in 2001, and this engine is amazing!

I'm looking at the Character demo. It seems very similar to the SimplePhysics demo?,  being a noob, I don't know if it's a feature or a mishap  :? I thought it was going to be a demo controlling a character/avatar…

i'm also attempting to run the Ragdoll demo. The green skeleton falls on the floor, doing the ragdoll thing, but the character remains standing? Shouldn't the character fall too?

Cheers, and WELCOME TO MEEE!  :smiley:


The character demo has a controllable physics character, use keys u,h,j,k to move the sphere. The ragdoll controller was an attempt at converting animation bones to physics bones by Momoko_Fan, dont know if we will extend this yet.



I see!, well in the Character demo, no object moves with any keys for me, but maybe it's a problem on my side. The code sure looks good. Not to worry!,



Hi guys !! And nice work on JME3 :).

I have got the same problem with the physics character demo, nothing happen when i press u,h,j,k keys :/.

Thanks for your replies.

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Yeah I noticed it too, the controls don't work in physics character, but they do work in TestQ3.