Raindrop touches the water on the floor

Good afternoon  :D,

I am developing a scene where I need to create an effect of rain.

I managed to create the rain, and the floor with water effect, but I need to do something more complex that it would effect the raindrop touching the water on the floor.

Like a wave generated at every drop that touches the ground. This can be done with the jMonkey? 

How this video:



For a normal rain effect, just make a splash particle effect and spawn it randomly on the surface. Normally display resolution is too low, and everything is moving too fast, to need anything more detailed. It isn't really even necessary to link the splashes to the drops with a bunch appearing all the time.

If you need something highly realistic, making something that realistically simulates that is well beyond the scope of jME (or any other realtime engine). Even for a droplet on film it's amazing, and with rain on water, vastly more complex still as the ripples will interact.

So if you want that level of realism you're probably in for some hardcode simulation work :smiley:

There is some code around for interactive waves somewhere, but usually waves are much bigger than raindrop ripples which would be on the scale of the textures in realtime water effects.

Yes and no on the complexity. There are water ripple shader effects out there:



Using particles to fake it probably would give you better performance, I'm just saying there is stuff out there that you're describing :stuck_out_tongue:

Good morning everyone,

I have an example of what I need to get started. I need to develop something like this site below:


This example was built in Game Maker, but that's exactly what I need to start, because the project requires that this interaction.

My problem is that needs to be in Java, because I have to add the work of my group of studies. Discovered that another page that shows another example of the effect of water:


What I need is to add the code for the work of my group, so that JME and the frame work, so I need to know if you can get this effect with JME.

Thanks again