Ready for this? Gonna take this to the next level. Been thinking about this for quite some time.

Actually just gonna implement some simple entities and stuff to begin with, and it’ll take some time. It will be good to have when developing BioMonkey.

The Forester (BioMonkey) completely lacks interaction. The only thing you can do is move the camera around. This is enough, of course, but I feel like it should be other things involved as well. It surely has an impact on developement. I’m gonna make a very simple entity system, with simple objects that can interact with BioMonkey objects. Sort of an “abstract game”. Then I will occationally test it and see how the systems work together, and what needs to be done in order to make it better.

The effects will be noticable later.

can you explain? i read through your coffeemud page and i don’t see how it and biomonkey would be related…

edit: ok, maybe i get it – you’re going to use biomonkey to procedurally generate a 3d coffeemud world? if i guessed correct - that sounds cool. mud isn’t really my cup of tea (or coffee, as it were) but i’m incredibly interested in procedurally-generated material, no matter what the context. i look forward to seeing this progress.

The coffee mud page is not mine, it’s coffeemud’s. Just gonna borrow from their entity system a bit, to make a very simple game. Then use BioMonkey in that game. It’ll be different then just doing graphics.