Realistic Fighting Game w/ WiiMote

i would like to play a PC-based hand-to-hand combat game that uses the Wiimote for controls. 

it would be similar to "Wii Boxing" in that thrown punches (from either arm) correspond to a punches thrown in the game.

the PC, which is able to receive and interpret Wii devices via bluetooth, has several advantages over the Wii platform including CPU power and Graphics ability.

so, all of the pieces exist to make a realistic, anatomically correct, combat game:

  • jmonkeyengine

  • jme physics - for modeling anatomy kinematics, impacts/collisions, fluid particles

  • java wiimote library - interpret movement and position to control virtual "arms" that can punch, block, and perhaps other actions

  • networking - fight other people over the internet

does anything like this exist yet?

I haven't seen anything using the wiimote. There is an impressive looking physics based boxing game out there, was posted on the forums a while back.

I considered doing something similar and still might one day, but after I thought it through I decided against it.

Depends on how realistic you would like to get it.

for a pure boxing game it might be sufficient, if you won't care about rotational and positional data.

So if you just like to get all the velocity data for the punching direction it's ok.

Because the rotation-sensors are giving you 2 values only. The vertical Axis (GravityVector) is totaly ignored.

And you can't get good positional data, as you only get them if the camera is "seeing" the sensorbar - Which is quite seldom during a boxing-movement.

But it's definately woth a try.

And in June the new WiiMotionPlus is released. Then you'll get the rotation around the vertical axis correct (hopefully) and they predict to make the recognition more precisely overall.  :expressionless:

For positional tracking i can suggest the GameTrak-Controller, of which you get pretty accurate positions of both hands. And you are able to calculate a velocity.

But its not wireless, and the rotational-data is missing completely.

A combination of the GameTrak and the WiiMotionPlus will enable you to have a pretty realistic tracking… positional and fully rotational.

And maybe the new Gametrak Freedom will be released at the end of 2009, which is supposed to have full rotational- and positional recognition by Supersonic-technology. It's applicable for XBox360 and PS3 by USB … so i bet i won't takte long until it's usable on the PC as well. When it's released…

…but just give it a try.