Recast AI - Devlog #4


I am supposed to write today new Devlog, but for this Devlog, I don’t have anything smart to say. I am configurating detour module to work. I think it somewhat harder than Recast module, but not too hard. :slight_smile:

The main problem is somewhat lacking documentation what some attributes means like magic in MeshHeader. Documentation says: “Tile magic number. (Used to identify the data format.)”. Not helpful at all. :frowning:

There are some problem with missing parameters. When I get some array from native library, there is any indication how long the array is.

And last problem that I have for now is the methods that have more than one output data. It isn’t really the problem how I will do that, but how to do that, so the API looks simple.

Not sure if this is the real question:
A magic number usually denotes a specified constant, they are used like Enums in java, eg TextureFormat.RGBA could also be defined as magic number 1337.
So you need to find out where those possible magic numbers are defined and then most likely can make sense out of them.

Yes, A magic number is generally either an opcode (of sorts) or a version reference.
So, Is Recast module done?