Recast AI - Devlog #6

The project will be finished soon (not soon soon, as I am currently having stomach flu :frowning: , and can’t work). There aren’t many things that are needed to be done: some changes to Detour module, some visualization for NavMesh, some correction on native side of code, and example… Sounds simple, doesn’t it? :slight_smile:


Can’t wait!
I would prioritize getting the example up before the other remaining tasks, even if the example doesn’t do much. It would be great to get people started using it asap.


yes putting up a example farily soon allows other to take a look at it, and maybee suggest some minor improvments :wink:

When this is done, it should all be part of 1 library that’s in both the SDK and the engine. That way, dynamically created maps will be able to have navmeshes too!