Recast for JME problems

Hi dear community,

I need your wise advice:

I am developing a project using VSCode and maven repositiories. Current Jme3 version is 3.0.10.
Now project came to a point where AI Pathfinding is needed. So I tried to use Recast.

There are two threds explaining it:

    class RecastBulder (org.recast4j.recast.RecastBuilder;) has no methods described in the post:
    Is it that the code examples are outdated or am I doing something wrong?
    Does anyone has better explanation or simple working examples?

  2. Navmesh cell size
    Here in the code example InputGeom class is mentioned, which does not exist anymore

Could you please help, just very basic working example would be enough…

That recast page is really only good as an example. The project itself does have some pretty cool code you can use for other things though. It was written prior to there being a java option.

Use GitHub - ppiastucki/recast4j: Java Port of Recast & Detour navigation mesh toolset instead.

I am adding this link on implementation you already found for others who may find this thread.

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