[Recruitment] Looking for a rigger/animator for 5 models!

My latest project is approaching it's final stages of production and I need animated models to work with. I have all of the models ready to go, but they need to be rigged and animated. I tried my hand at it, and while I may be able to work it out eventually, I don't really have the time.

If anybody is a good animater / rigger I'd appreciate an email.

trussell dot tyler at gmail dot com.


Here's the post I left at JavaGaming:

I have 5 models which I need animated and rigged. The requirements are as follows:

* Must export into md3 format which is then importable into jMonkeyEngine. I will provide a small test program to ensure your models are loading properly.

* Must provide 5 animations: idle, casting, running, dying, and falling (the character must get back up after the fall).

* You may use any modelling software you choose so long as you own a valid license. I don't want Autodesk knocking down my door saying that their spy satellites saw you animate something with an illegal copy of their software.

Contact me immediately for this opportunity. I will pay $5 per model, so $25 total. You may copy and paste the skeleton and animations and re-weightpaint the models if you wish, they all have almost the exact same body structure.

Email me: trussell dot tyler at gmail dot com.

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