Red texture for everything after blender export

Hey, I followed a guide on how to export blender stuff and use it with JME, however my exported stuff displays all red. I have the texture (Floor.png) in the same folder as the mesh files. Please help me, I don’t know why its just red.

help please, I really need help. Heres a screenie.

This has happened to me a few times, check the error log if there is any mentioning of materials not found. Is the material named after the model? Model.mesh.xml should have Model.material, you most often have to type this in yourself when exporting from blender. check the actual .material file with notepad does it contain the name of the texture? If not, you haven’t set up the material right in blender.

I fixed it. I renamed Scene.mesh to test.mesh just like my test.scene

And im sorry for the early bump. I was desperate for help and i’m a newb on these forums.