Reduce a model from Blender for JMonkey

Hey there,
I have a lovely (I thought basic) model that I’d wish to use in JMonkey. Unfortunately, it seems to slow JMonkey down to an unbearable rendering rate. I’ve tried removing materials and parts of the house but generally it’s still very slow.

I’m wondering if there are any tips on how to edit models to work better with jmonkey? I’ve done some googling around and read it’s good to reduce vertex’s and other statistics but this model didn’t seem to have a large amount - so i’m unsure what is causing it to render so slowly.

Here’s some of the information:

On google drive:

Its probably using single textures of various sizes, causing multiple objects to be created etc. Try baking a texture atlas from the applied textures and also look at the vertex count. Though for mechanic / “straight” objects like this you have few chances to reduce vertex count. You have just found out that any 3d model != game compatible model :slight_smile: The blender import documentation and the linked docs give many hints about this topic:

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Thankyou for the reply :).
I’ll give the textures a go - will probably just try and remove them and see if that helps :). Thought I had tried that but will try again from scratch.

Would you have any suggestions in terms of creating an internal home environment to navigate around? I don’t need the outside at all - just perhaps something pretty to lookout at if the user looks through the windows.