Reference problems after checking projects?

this is strange, tonight i updated jMP after not doing so for a week or so, and i get a ‘reference problems’ window in jMP when i start, everytime i start. it says “one or more project resources could not be found…” when i click resolve problems, it tells me “jme3-test-data” library has missing items. when i click resolve it tells me the classpath for the lib is (copy/paste)


but it is in all red letters.

i added the path to my on-disk copy of the jar at …/jmonkeyplatform/jmonkeyplatform/libs/jME3-testdata.jar

and after doing such, my projects seem to run ok again, but i still have the reference problem error for any projects using any of the test data.

i dont think i did anything to break jMP, how can i fix this?

where is nbinst located, anyway? (looks like an online folder)

Hm, strange, doenst happen for me. Try reinstalling / updating.

ok, i will try that.

should jMP even be looking for the jar under the nbinst://com.jme3.gde.project.testdata/libs/jme3testdata.jar location?

or should it be looking on my hard drive like all other library classpaths seem to?