[RELEASE] V-HACD for jme: The missing dynamic almost-accurate-if-you-don't-look-too-closely shape

This is mostly a binding around Khaled Mamou’s V-HACD that provides a convenient way to decompose concave meshes into convex hulls, to be used for dynamic bodies in bullet.

The README.md contains all the info you’ll need to use it.

GitHub repo: GitHub - riccardobl/jme3-bullet-vhacd: This is a library that uses java bindings for Khaled Mamou's V-HACD to decompose concave meshes into hull-shapes in jmonkey engine.

More links: (just for knowledge sake)
v-hacd: GitHub - kmammou/v-hacd: Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/v-hacd
v-hacd-bindings: GitHub - riccardobl/v-hacd-java-bindings: Java bindings for V-HACD (https://github.com/kmammou/v-hacd)
Khaled Mamou’s blog: http://kmamou.blogspot.it/


WoW !!
Going to give it a try.
Thanks a lot Riccardo.:heart:

There is also V-HACD add-on for blender

You can generate from the most precise convex-hull to the least precise one.


Im surprised this thread hasn’t gathered more love/attention. Bumpty bump.

@RiccardoBlb you tosser, great work… get it, cause he’s ring tossing =)



Cheering one’s work [at least] by nice words is very effective so that person will encourage to keep his great work.

I really love his work.

And will add it to my Jeju Editor soon.

I might be ignorant but what is the advantage compared to the normal HullCollisionShape constructor that takes a geometry?

This is what you get with the HullCollisionShape constructor

This is what you get with VHACDCollisionShapeFactory


Ah, alright, I see.

Thanks to Travis-CI, from version 1.0 the native code is compiled also for osx.

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