Remove dead/legacy projects from the github org?

There are several dead repos in our org, some are just mirrors (eg jbullet,openal) some are legacy or outdated resources.
I propose to move them to jME (Archive) · GitHub instead of keeping them in our main org. I compiled a list of repos that i believe can be moved

Let me know what you think about this, and if you believe there are other repos that can be moved.

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Note there is also a jMonkeyEngine Contributions · GitHub

IMO projects like jbullet and nifty-editor can be moved there. :thinking:

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I think this is a good move - I like the idea of moving these to a mirror repo rather than just deleting them.

Whichever project/org they wind up in, keep in mind that they can be ‘archived.’ This turns off the issues/PR mechanisms, and adds some notes to indicate to the user that the project is defunct, not being updated, and should only be used by those who already really on it as a dependency.

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What’s the expected benefit?

I guess the benefit will be a “better overview” because you don’t have to search for repositories but can instead see them more easily.
The cost would be having 3 organizations to maintain.

Also note that jbullet is a bit special in that it is in jar form in our repository lying here: jmonkeyengine/jbullet.jar at master · jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine · GitHub
In theory we should instead use that jbullet repository, maybe using git submodules or also a maven repository as intermediate.

The problem there was that we aren’t 10000% sure that the repo and the jar are in sync and that it was the final version. It would require testing and someone caring about maintaining jbullet and jme3-jbullet, which is currently not the case, though. So long it’ll only be a “mirror” or an archive (because it’s not exactly a mirror but has had our modifications to it, iirc).

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Doesn’t seem worthwhile to me. We already have the 6 main repos pinned, providing a good overview of the project. Moving repos would mean breaking any web links that point to the current URLs.

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