Render Nifty after everything else

I made the following class to render GIF images:

 * Loads a GIF file, and renders its frames on an update()
 * @author taylorshuler
public class Animation2D {

    private final GifDecoder decoder = new GifDecoder();
    private final AWTLoader loader = new AWTLoader();
    private final SimpleApplication app;
    private int frameIndex;
    private float frameDelay = decoder.getFrameCount() > 0 ? decoder.getDelay(frameIndex) : 0;

    public Animation2D(SimpleApplication app, String path) { = app;

        TextureKey key = new TextureKey(path, false);
        AssetInfo info = app.getAssetManager().locateAsset(key);

        try (InputStream stream = info.openStream()) {
        } catch (IOException err) {
            KnightRite.LOGGER.log(Level.SEVERE, "Count not find texture file!", err);

    public void update(Picture pic, float tpf) {
        frameDelay -= tpf;

        if (frameDelay < 0) {
            frameDelay = decoder.getDelay(frameIndex) / 1000F;

            Texture2D tex = new Texture2D(loader.load(decoder.getFrame(frameIndex), true));
            pic.setTexture(app.getAssetManager(), tex, true);

            if (frameIndex < decoder.getFrameCount() - 1) {
            } else {
                frameIndex = 0;

I would like to render this and then my Nifty GUI stuff. How would I do so?

I assume you care about rendering order because you want Nifty to appear in front of (obscuring) the GIFs. If so, simply use a parent that’s in the rootNode tree, such as rootNode itself. Nifty puts its spatials in the guiNode tree, which is overlays rootNode spatials in the render.


Nifty actually doesn’t put anything in any JME scene graph. It’s a separate scene processor and doesn’t use any JME Spatials to render.

I don’t remember what Nifty setup code looks like and the original post doesn’t include that.

When it renders depends on which ViewPort nifty was added to.

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Thanks for the hint! I eventually figured it out, as follows:

        // init guiNode contents

        // init nifty display

        // draw nifty over guiNode contents
        Camera niftyCam = new Camera(settings.getWidth(), settings.getHeight());
        ViewPort niftyViewPort = renderManager.createPostView("Nifty Default", niftyCam);
        niftyViewPort.setClearFlags(false, false, false);
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Does this cause the Nifty display to be rendered twice?