Renderer Exception: openGl Error

Hi everyone,

i’m creating an app for Android with interfaces using Lemur. In these interfaces i’m using images for container’s background and also showing images in this container (like a help message). I execute my app and it runs perfectly on a cellphone Samsung Galaxy S3 mini, with OpenGl 2.0; but when i want to show a help message using a button i get this error message (com.jme3.renderer.Renderer Exception: An OpenGl error has ocurred invalid operation). How can i solve this error?

Also, i want to execute this app in tablets, how can i do this?


I’m as yet unfamiliar with Android myself but I know a couple Lemur users have deployed it on Android. Hopefully they can pop in with some better advice. Somehow, I think we’re going to have to get more information about the error, though.

What’s the dimension of your image? some phones do not support non power of 2 images, so it might worth the shot to resize it to a power of two.

The error message is shown in the image.

The dimensions are 550x498 pixels. I am running the app on Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, with screen dimension 4.3" with a resolution of 540 x 960. This must be the problem, the image dimensions?. But also i am running the app on other cellphone like Samsung Galaxy S3 and i have the same problem and this screen dimension is 4.8" with a resolution of 720*1280. How can i solve this problem?


Though, I’m fairly sure this is not an image issue, you’ll end up with a black rectangle once you fix the reported issue. Power of 2 images only… and you will either need to use no mipmaps, or keep the images square.

As for the error…

Are you using BitmapText?
Are you setting the BitmapText to an empty string at any point?

This is likely your issue.