are we still going to push for using the renderpass model? i'm wondering cause it makes some difference when building effectclasses like water, bloom etc…and not many people will know how to use them cause everyone uses the old way of rendering…

would converting all tests and removing the old model cause to much chaos? (i mean there's not much difference in the code at all for the api users)

or just keep doing things around the pass model and force people wanting to use it to convert…

Is there any benefit to the old model over the new one?


yeah, most of our TestXXX programs and people use it :wink:

Apart from that. :-p

That Mr.Coder always having to be a wise guy.  :roll:



My opinion - and just that - is that the tests should remain as simple as possible (which I think they are currently.)  A person who uses passes is someone who has graduated from the simplistic model to one with more power.  To encourage more people to make that switch though, I believe we need better documentation on the Pass system and how it can be used.

Yes, we should certainly be pushing for using the pass model of rendering. And yes, it would be too chaotic to remove the old one. Catch 22, I suppose.

Advanced features: Water, bloom should certainly make use of the rendering pass, and hopefully, cool aspects like that will help promote the switching the multiple pass system.

well put, issue settled…who has time to write some documentation? darkfrog? s :wink:

Keep that finger away from me.  :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm hoping to come into some free time in the next six months, when I do, I'll let you know. ;)  Unfortunately most of my time has been spent on less fun things like work and non-game projects.  However, I've been trying to get a re-write done of JGN (goes hundreds of times faster now - literally).  I have a day off of work this Monday, so I'm going to try to find some time to work on my helicopter game…in the process I'll see about adding some features to jME that I've been working on.  Apart from that, I've just getting much free time lately to do anything with jME. :frowning:

If that doesn't change soon then I'll just have to quit my job, move out to the homeless shelter and hope they have wifi. :-p