[Request] How about a JME 2.0.4 with LWJGL 2.4


I know you are working hard on JME 3 and you might have little time

to spend your time with JME2. Nonetheless I wanted to post a request.

The distributed stable version of JME2.0.1 works with LWJGL 2.1.

Will there be updates of JME supporting later versions of LWJGL?

The current version of LWJGL is 2.4.

What do you think about it?

Are there any concerns why JME2 could not work with LWJGL 2.2+ ?



PS: Keep up the good work  :slight_smile:

I jump on that train, too  - with regards to wishes  :smiley:

lwjgl 2.4 has some nice changes:

new: Mouse no longer limited to just ungrabbing at the position it was grabbed, now you can can call setCursorPosition(x,y) while mouse is grabbed and ungrab the mouse at any position you like.

fix: Fixed mouse grabbing on secondary monitors (someone owes a beer).

fix: Added extra device polling when vsync is enabled, to reduce input lag.

fix: Updated @Optional functions for AMD GPUs (driver version: 10.3).

fix: Consistent mouse grab behaviour on all platforms. Mouse will now ungrab at the same place it was grabbed from.

fix: Try and find a sensible video driver to report on rather than assuming it's video0.

What i dont know is if such an upgrade will have impact on the jogl backend. I asume all new features must be
supported by jogl, too.

And i have one big wish:

This is from JME3  ;)

    public void setClipRect(int x, int y, int width, int height){
        if (!context.clipRectEnabled){
            context.clipRectEnabled = true;
        glScissor(x, y, width, height);

I didnt find how to set the scissor box through jme - if it would be supported i could eliminate the last lwjgl dependency in the jme2 nifty renderer.

hold on for a 2.4.2 shortly …

2.4.1 is the current unannounced version (mac binary fix), but 2.4.2 is comming out soon with a linux applet fix.

The developers are really all-in and hands full with JME3 already. Unless Skye and his Betaville project could benefit from this update I suppose.

Otherwise, contributors from the community have kindly submitted this type of update before. There's plenty capable people around, it's just a matter of free time.

This could make for a good milestone for a new stable JME2 release. Since JME2 is entirely community driven it's quite hard to determine these milestones.

Whats the problem with simply swapping the jars from 2.3 to 2.4? There are no changes to the existing API so everything should still work.

I will take care of updating jME3 to 2.4.2 when it comes out, but jME2 can be easily updated by someone else.

I can push out an update to 2.4 when it comes out…

As far as Betaville goes, we clearly have an interest in keeping jME2 fresh… only "problem" is that it already is doing just about everything we want it to do.

OS X 10.6.3 seems to have introduced some oddities as to when the OpenGL thread needs to have calls injected into it, but that's more a matter of programming methodology than something to fix in the engine…

At least one person from then OpenWonderland community is working on the COLLADA functionality, which is something I'm doing as well… It looks like improved animation compatibility and a progress interface would be the next things in queue