[RESOLVED] Is there a geometry shape enumeration?

Just as the title - is there a geometry shape enumeration containing general shapes like circle, sphere, triangle, line, point etc? Couldn’t find one, so just wanted to check to be sure.

Well, does something like that make sense? I wrote a “HemiSphere” recently, which would not be in that enum. And I hate enums - they are not extendable. Only useful for things like “day of the week” or “month of the year” stuff (to me).


Thanks. I figured that would be the answer - just checking. And I agree with your sentiment.

Forgot to mention something: A few years back, when I still was a student, we had a project to write a collision detection lib where we used enums/constants for all collider types. Used a bitfield with one of the bits standing for “has limited dimensions in space” (if one) or “is endless shape” (if zero).
The project was C++ but you could use an enum with attributes like “boolean isEndlessShape”. Java enums are almost the same as Java classes, so you can use a constructor and stuff. Did that a couple of times myself.
That project had several shapes like “plane”, “line”, “ray”, “sphere”, “cylinder”, “box”, “triangle”, etc. For example: a “plane” and a “ray” are endless shapes. But the others aren’t. Other endless shapes are “endless cone” and “endless box”.