Reviving the Hardware Compatibility List

Hey all,

I’ve made an “up to date” version of the original jME1/2 HCL. Please put in your knowledge!

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Why don’t you put programs which have the different things in them? I wouldn’t know how to test them. But anyways, good initiative.

Yeah we’re discussing a way of automating the testing… There are a few broad stroke tricks that can be done, but others are more complex to test for.

Should we contribute to this list or might that be wasted work when you’re thinking about an automated way?

Contributing would be awesome, as we haven’t figured out how to automate the testing yet :frowning:

Should “Driver Version” be more concrete than only the OS I’m driving jME on?

That would be helpful, I forgot which driver version my desktop was on when I put the HD 5850 in the list, will update that now!

Thank you for your clarifications!

Added GTX 480 on Win7 + 285.62 drivers.

Just added HD4850 on Mint and Windows.

Just to clarify, should we do another line for the same GPU but on different driver versions and OS?

I suggest just adding it to the same column and row

Yeah, It’s better indeed :smiley:

Added my NVidia GeForce GT540M 1024M too :).