Rewind Time + Cell Fracture

Hi everyone, as promised I posted the source code on github.

You can change the physical attributes of the fragments by following the official engine documentation.

The controller to rewind time is really simple and easy to understand, you can find it here:

The Main to run the app is here:

To model the cube I used Blender’s “Cell-fracture” free addon. Here you can find a short tutorial on how to use it.

Brackeys’ video explains all the steps in a clear and fun way.

Let me know if you will use this demo or if you add some interesting ideas of yours with some examples and images. :wink:


Nice, looks really simple :slight_smile:

not sure if classes like “RaycastHit” are required there, looks like is only important there.

Could you put it into please?

Myself, maybe in some future i would want do some reverse-physics, but not just right now :slight_smile: (anyway it would require network physics sync)

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I would like, could you explain me how to do it? :grinning:


you need account there(idk if it pull it from HUB, dont remember)

and then just go to
and create one :slight_smile: can provide only Github link, would be good to provide artifacts, but its not needed i think.

then wait for approve. (i belive @RiccardoBlb is looking at approve list? - maybe could be worth add more people who can look at it)

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Definitely hit the store with your project.

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Thanks @polinc even your libraries on the store are very cool, I send the request as soon as possible :wink:

Join discord. It’s much faster to get things going.