Rigged model from blender no AnimControl :(

Hello guys i’ve searched the forums, I fixed the maximum 4 bones per vertex error, in my .blend file i’ve made an NLA track called walking in which my character walks, the .blend is correctly converted to .j3o but I have no AnimCOntrol in the j3o, i’m getting a null pointer when I try to retrieve the AnimControl from my spatial :frowning:

I really don’t know whats wrong, Ive created a root bone for my armature, i’m new to blender but I was wondering if my hierarchy is fine??
i’ve also unchecked the bone envelopes on my armature :confused:

i 'm really stuck in a corner right now :frowning:

here my rig in blender :

here is the output message when I convert my .blend message :

[java]Loading obejct: Armature
Armature: (0.0, 0.0, -0.0)–> null
Child (Armature) attached to this node (Models/Male1/riggedCharacter_walking.blend)
Loading obejct: Camera
Camera created (W: 640, H: 480)
Camera: (7.4811316, 5.343665, 6.50764)–> null
Child (Camera) attached to this node (Models/Male1/riggedCharacter_walking.blend)
Loading obejct: Group005
Importing mesh.
Loading material.
Material’s name: Material__26.001
Child (Group0051) attached to this node (Group005)
Getting tracks!
Child (Group005) attached to this node (Armature)
Group005: (0.0, 0.0, -0.0)–> Armature
Loading obejct: Lamp
Importing lamp.
Child (Lamp) attached to this node (Models/Male1/riggedCharacter_walking.blend)

Your hierarchy looks fine. In your NLA editor remove the NLA track under Group005 (dunno if it makes a difference, but you only need to put all animations in the Armature track). Have you converted to a .j3o and checked the node structure? You normally have to go down a couple children to get the right AnimControl.

Here’s an example of one I did today:

I assume your not using any incompatible modifiers? (Inverse kinematics etc). If you are, then you can try the blender2ogre exporter.

Edit: Also don’t worry about the “maximum 4 bones per vertex error”, its just a warning, and in jME we just pick the 4 bones with the greatest weight.

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thanks wezrule dunno why but it seems to work now. now the problem is that my walk animation looks really distorted, and I guess its because i’m using IK Chains like you said :(, the legs are not moving, only the feets (the legs are controlled by IKChain :()

do you have any links that explain how to install the ogre exporter for blender??

i’m using blender v2.68


Yeh, the Blender importer does not support Inverse Kinematics yet. But the blender2ogre exporter will work fine with it.

Theres a tool in the SDK tools -> Install Ogre XML

Although I always do it manually:


I’m quite a few versions behind, think i’m using blender2ogre-0.5.5.zip (as I’m still on Blender 2.62), but the later ones should still work (although it says the latest supported version is 2.67). I didn’t check the latest jME wiki, it probably has instructions somewhere, but this link does the trick:


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Thanks I’ve installed the blender2ogre plugin :smiley: everything works great! :smiley: