Robot arm simulator

Hi guys,

Im trying to develop a robot arm simulator using the jmonkey engine.

I need to simulate the old RMV1 mechanical arm from mitsubishi.

This is a pdf with some drawing and specs about the robot

So, basically I need to make the arm to move and rotate according to the different axis from each joint, but i am not sure how to do that.

I thought about two alternatives, but I dont know if theyre possible or witch one would be better.

The first alternative would be to model the robot arm in a single piece and try rotate and especified part of my model(idk if it is possible).
The second one would be to model the pieces of the arm separately and import them one by one in a position to try to connect them.(again, idk if it is possible hahah).

If you guys know any other way to do this, or any helpful link about how can I do that please helpp

(ps: sorry if i wasnt clear enough with my english)


Both ways are possible.

Moving this post as its clearly a troubleshooting request.