Hi everyone!!

I'm new in this forum and in this technology, actually, in the 3d graphics. So, i want to ask you what is the best approach to this world, I mean, what i need to know before dig into JMonkeyEngine, or i can learn 3d graphics while I learn JME.

My background is that I'm a Java programmer since 3 years ago, and i have made some little games in 2d, very basic games, nothing complicated.

I appreciate yours advices in this matter, thank you very much!


I think wiki page would give you what you want.

I see mulova's suggestion and raise you a Flagrush tutorial – it's in the wiki docs.  This is by far one of the most helpful tutorials to get you up and running quickly, and to provide you with a foundation to start messing around with and exploring the other functions of jME!

ashtonv’s suggestion of looking at the Flagrush tutorial is an excellent starting point.  For a great supplement/different point of view, zathras has been working on a beginner’s FAQ (which is superb thus far)

Thanks to all for your suggestions!!

I have been looking in the wiki section, and I saw that there are many good stuff there, but i don't have the oportunity of see the tutorial yet, right now i'll look at.

By the way, sorry for my bad english.

See you!